AI-powered tech helps you better serve patients

Get faster insights to inform strategic decisions.

Deeper Patient and HCP Insights

Understand what really matters to key customers with the ability to analyze hundreds of thousands of data points in real time.


Comprehensive Landscape Analysis

Gain full visibility on the key factors shaping the healthcare ecosystem.

Case Team Delivery

Design a specific analytic workflow that creates repeatable offerings.

Deeper context on patients, physicians, and the healthcare landscape

Understand patient perspectives, monitor customer feedback, identify leading companies and individuals, and make an impact with use cases made for the healthcare industry.


See Quid in Action

Quid’s dynamic NLP technology platform helps healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and digital healthcare marketers gain insights that give them an edge. Read the case studies below to see how it all works.

Hear what your patients are really saying

Quid gives you a full-picture view of the conversations and comments that shape public perception. See how one top-10 pharma company used Quid to read over 15,000 patient forum conversations and drug reviews to learn more about patient mindset and drug preference.

Identify Influential Voices

Quid helps you discover impactful writers on any healthcare-related subject. See how a top provider used Quid to surface 50 authors at the center of discussion around a specific topic from an original dataset of 2 million scientific publications.

Learn what really matters to physicians

Quid allows you to get an unbiased scan of what physicians are saying about drugs, therapies, and industries in the healthcare space. To understand why physicians prescribed one medication over another, a top-5 pharma company used Quid to survey 5,000 data points and 50,000 online conversations.

“We require a deep understanding of our patients' needs and behaviors, so we rely on Quid's AI tools to harness and contextualize insights from all the written content that matters.”

Bharat Tewarie

Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, UCB

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