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A Corporate Strategy Toolkit that Sets You Apart

The world’s leading companies rely on Quid to spot emerging trends, surface customer insights, analyze an investment space, and stay ahead of the competition.


A Communications Strategy Powerhouse

Develop impactful strategies tied to your company’s brand, industry, and competitors. Quid locates hard-to-spot narratives that can signal a trend, opportunity, or obstacles that may lie ahead.


Research capabilities powered by machine intelligence

Quid works with strategy, research, communications, and innovation teams across a variety of industries. Built-in databases and interactive data visualizations help businesses scout emerging innovation, identify risks, zero in on opportunities for growth or acquisition, and much more. View the following case studies to see for yourself how Quid puts you ahead of the pack.


See Quid in Action

Understand what people really think about your client’s brand, discover the trends influencing the purchasing decisions of your target audience, and hear what your client’s customers are saying — all in one platform. Learn more about the top Quid use cases below.

Track the public narratives impacting your company

Get a full-picture view of the conservations that drive public perception of your company. Quid read thousands of articles mentioning Airbnb from the past year to understand how consumer discussions affected brand awareness.

Use machine intelligence to detect early trends

Spot the trends that could reshape your company’s industry at a macro level. See how a leading consulting firm used Quid to identify and analyze thousands of news articles to better understand digitalization in the consumer packaged goods industry.

See what customers really want

Quid lets you hear directly from your customer base through product reviews, forums and other rich datasets, giving you the ability to predict shifts in taste, preferences, and influence. To understand consumer perspectives on Sony OLED Televisions, a leading consulting firm used Quid to analyze 695 product reviews from Amazon and Best Buy.

“What I love about Quid is that you look at the world differently. Quid lets the data drive the structure of the marketplace.”

Denise Morrison

Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Campbell Soup Company

“To truly understand the context in which a business is operating, technologies like Quid are now essential to bring in and distribute across the enterprise.”

Aaron Bernstein

Senior Director of Insights and Advocacy, Walmart

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