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Design a specific analytic workflow that creates repeatable offerings.

AI-powered research capabilities give you the advantage

Quid helps you scout emerging innovations and trends, identify risks, zero in on opportunities for growth or acquisition, and much more. View the following case studies to see how Quid data visualization can give you an edge.


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Quid helps some of the world’s leading consultancies assess risk, identify opportunities, and give their teams and clients a competitive advantage. Learn more about the top Quid use cases below.

Early detection of opportunities and potential risk

See how one top consulting firm used Quid to analyze the market strategy of a client competitor in the following case study.

Spot disruptive technologies and budding trends

Stay one step ahead of changing market forces that impact your client’s bottom line. See how a leading consulting firm used Quid to identify and analyze thousands of news articles to better understand digitalization in the consumer packaged goods space.

Understand what customers really want

Quid lets you hear directly from your customer base through product reviews, forums and other rich datasets, giving you the ability to predict shifts in taste, preferences, and influence. To understand consumer perspectives on Sony OLED Televisions, a leading consulting firm used Quid to analyze 695 product reviews from Amazon and Best Buy.

“It’s very complementary to the sorts of things we do. Our consultants are trained to get data and draw insights from that data. Quid prepares it in such a way that it’s easy and efficient.”

Patrick Forth

Global Practice Leader, Technology, Media and Telecommunications, BCG

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