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Agencies turn to Quid when they want to win new business, develop unique campaigns, and track the spread and impact of news events and outreach efforts.

Win New Business

Understand the data through unique views for deep research and discovery.

Campaign Development

Inform your strategy with data-driven insights on the themes and storylines gaining traction with target audiences.

Measure & Assess

Determine the spread and impact of your outreach efforts, and explore news coverage around your brand.

Quarterly Brand Review

Gain full visibility on the stories and events driving coverage for your brand and competitors.

Strategy that considers a world’s worth of context

Quid gives agencies powerful tools that put them ahead of the competition. Our platform uses proprietary AI technologies to draw deep insights out of news articles, product reviews, forums, social media, or any other set of text at scale.

See Quid in Action

Understand what people really think about your client’s brand, discover the trends influencing the purchasing decisions of your target audience, and hear what your client’s customers are saying — all in one platform. Learn more about the top Quid use cases below.

Track the public narratives impacting your brand

Quid read thousands of articles mentioning Airbnb from the past year to understand how external conversations and news events drive the public perception of the company.

Spot Trends as they evolve

Quid software tracked the shifting narrative around meditation and mindfulness over the last five years to surface new and budding trends, as well as emerging companies.

Understand customer reviews at scale

To understand major pain points for the airline industry, Quid analyzed thousands of customer reviews of the five major U.S. airlines over a 6-year period.

“With Quid, we are able to leverage our unique expertise at a scale beyond the limitations of conventional research and analysis.”

Antonio Ortolani

Director, Brunswick Insights, Brunswick

“Quid is brilliant because it allows us to make our data work harder and ultimately amplifies our analysis.”

Victoria Daughtrey

Account Director, Analytics, Weber Shandwick

“Quid has become a staple of Golin’s research process. It helps us guide communications strategy at the brand level in an insightful and efficient way.”

Lisa Heidkamp

Director, Insights & Analytics, Golin

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