Quid Apps

Smarter, faster insights to power your next big idea

What are Quid Apps?

Quid Apps deliver the answers you need when you need them most. We designed each app to surface insight around a single, specific question by using data science fully optimized for each use case. Just enter a few simple inputs and Quid AI immediately creates an interactive report packed with insights – all at the push of a button.



Competitor Briefing

Understand how companies and their competitors are being covered in the media.

Content Strategy

Find themes that are resonating now to spearhead your next PR or advertising Campaign.

Key Opinion Leaders

Understand the people and companies driving the conversation on any topic.

Quid Apps are built for you and your team

Teams turn to Quid Apps to answer specific, strategic questions. With focused analyses and streamlined workflows, anyone at your organization can use Quid Apps for:

  • Quick research
  • Targeted questions
  • Repeatable Analyses

Quid Pro gives you the power to analyze any written content in depth

Quid Pro empowers strategic thinkers to uncover hidden insights. This powerful, flexible platform creates custom visuals that enable deeper analysis of any type of text-based data at scale. Quid Pro is ideal for researchers and analysts who need:

  • Highly custom and detailed analysis, without constraints
  • Answers to larger strategic questions
  • The ability to upload any written data, public or internal

Ready to see what Quid can do for you?

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