Human Intuition at Superhuman Scale

The Quid Vision

We power human intuition with machine intelligence, enabling organizations to make decisions that matter.


The Quid Vision

We power human intuition with machine intelligence, enabling organizations to make decisions that matter.

The Technology of Language

The written word has guided our thinking for centuries. Language is a crucial part of our culture. It’s how we communicate ideas. Explain the world. Express emotion. Catalog humanity’s collective knowledge. But there hasn’t been a way to take these billions of words and extract meaning at scale—until now.

Quid is working to ingest all the world’s written content and allow you to quickly gain the intelligence necessary to make more informed decisions. Quid reads and organizes massive amounts of text into visual, interactive results so you can find the specific information you’re searching for or better understand the broader landscape.

Whether it’s news, investment data, patents, product reviews, service calls or video transcripts, Quid can read it, sort it, and help you turn it into actionable insight.

Quid timeline

  • 2008

    Quid assembled an international team of scientists and mathematicians in San Francisco.

  • 2010

    Quid raised its first funding, led by Chairman Dr. Charles Lho and Peter Thiel.

  • 2012

    Heavy R&D period, tackling a range of formerly unsolved problems in analyzing language, including the building of robust topical maps.

  • 2014

    Quid moves from client-installed to working in the browser, allowing for rapid deployment and training.

  • 2015

    During its first year in market, Quid hits 100 clients, including some of the world’s biggest technology companies, consultancies and agencies.

  • 2016

    World Economic Forum names Quid a Technology Pioneer


Meet the Leadership

Ryan Hilton

VP of Software Sales

John Shilkaitis


Cara Connors

Sales Management

Abhishek Vora

Enterprise Services

Daria Mehra

Quality & Tools

Radhika Sawhney

User Experience

Land Ormiston

Product Management

Bella Yousif

Business Operations

Asad Ahmad

VP of Healthcare

Julia MacDonald

Market Insights

Stephanie Schwartz


Holly Livolsi

Office Management

Jessica Pass

Human Resources

Alejandro Villageliu

VP of Healthcare

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Quid is a dedicated group of engineers, scientists, designers and entrepreneurs. If you want to push the boundaries of human intelligence, get in touch.

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