Which brands are successfully positioning themselves as eco-friendly?
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Quid Apps: Understand the content around millennial trends
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Which brands are successfully positioning themselves as eco-friendly?
Quid for Agencies
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Quid Apps: Understand the content around millennial trends
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From our Clients Why is Wall Street ignoring digital innovation?

Airlines are no exception when it comes to the challenge of digital innovation. To better understand how major airlines plan to adapt to emerging technologies, Lennart Dobravsky of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub recently used Quid to analyze 60 earning calls from multiple airlines between 2015 and 2018.

Announcements Top 10 Quid blogs of 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, to look back on the year, we compiled a list of our most popular posts for your enjoyment.

Tech trends Should you bet on these retail innovations?

Quid analyzed 5,800 patent filings from retailers and select B2C companies to explore the technologies, regions, and companies that are leading on retail innovation.

Economics Look to London and Silicon Valley for the latest tech innovations

The research illustrates the attractiveness of both London and Silicon Valley to global investors, with the findings showing that the two regions tech companies are receiving significantly higher levels of total funding and more investment deals than other global tech hubs such as Paris, Berlin and Tel Aviv.

Tech trends Assessing The Current Wearables Market

Growth in the wearable electronics market may be slowing, but with device shipments projected to expand—even double by 2021, according to some estimates—what does the future hold for the multi-billion dollar industry?

Tech trends 5 tech hotspots to watch- and we don’t mean Silicon Valley

A team at Quid wrote an analysis on 5 innovation hotspots outside the U.S. which was published on the World Economic Forum.

Announcements Salesforce Ignite used Quid for inspiration as they explored the future of travel

The Salesforce Ignite team presented a compelling view into the future of travel at Dreamforce 2017, and they used Quid in their research.

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