New report leverages artificial intelligence to better understand patient needs
Which brands are successfully positioning themselves as eco-friendly?
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New report leverages artificial intelligence to better understand patient needs
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Which brands are successfully positioning themselves as eco-friendly?
Quid for Agencies
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From our Clients Helping Forrester navigate the future of food

Jennifer Belissent, a principal analyst at Forrester wanted to better understand the volume of global discussion around food from the past year. She used Quid to analyze nearly 3,000 articles on the subject from media outlets around the globe.

From our Clients Why is Wall Street ignoring digital innovation?

Airlines are no exception when it comes to the challenge of digital innovation. To better understand how major airlines plan to adapt to emerging technologies, Lennart Dobravsky of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub recently used Quid to analyze 60 earning calls from multiple airlines between 2015 and 2018.

From our Clients Humanizing Customer Complaints using NLP Algorithms

Never underestimate the power of consumer feedback data. But who has time to read line by line through each submission, much less glean actionable insights from massive amounts of them?

From our Clients BCG analyzes key trends at MWC19 with Quid

At this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC19), BCG used Quid to explore some of the technologies capturing public interest, and better understand how these innovations might impact future growth in the industry. 

From our Clients Quid + Hyundai: Mapping the future of smart cities

To better understand the factors shaping the smart cities of tomorrow, Quid and Hyundai partnered on an ambitious project to analyze millions of data points—both qualitative and quantitative—on 400 cities around the world.

From our Clients Golin: 5 media coverage takeaways from Davos

With many of the world’s leaders skipping the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting this year, Golin’s Insights Team used Quid to assess the impact on the focus and volume of global media coverage.

From our Clients Quid maps public narrative around nutrition for IFTF/Gates Foundation report

Quid identified more than 2,200 articles in the past four years on affordable nutrition and clustered them into 13 main themes.

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