Quid, NASA co-author new innovation report
BCG partners with Quid to decode the slowdown in blockchain startups, investment
Quid makes AIconics awards shortlist for sales and marketing
From our Clients
Quid, NASA co-author new innovation report
From our Clients
BCG partners with Quid to decode the slowdown in blockchain startups, investment
Quid makes AIconics awards shortlist for sales and marketing
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Examining the News Which brands are successfully positioning themselves as eco-friendly?

Consumers—particularly Millennials—are increasingly on the lookout for companies and brands that make environmental stewardship a priority. So, which brands have had the most success in communicating their environmental and sustainability initiatives?

Examining the News Who is leading on 5G innovation and influence?

5G recently took center stage at the Mobile World Congress (MWC19) this year, the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry. But do prominent narratives in the media reflect what’s happening in the industry in terms of investment and innovation?

Examining the News Quid reveals dueling narratives around confrontation at Indigenous People’s March

After last weekend’s confrontation between a MAGA hat-wearing teen and an indigenous veteran near the Lincoln Memorial sparked another firestorm of politically divisive rhetoric, Rusty Guinn of Epsilon Theory wanted to explore these dueling narratives at scale. He used Quid to analyze coverage from the event and found evidence of a distinct split between those who saw the teens as the aggressors and those who did not.

Examining the News PR Toolkit: Here’s what reporters wrote about CES 2019

Quid mapped popular CES topics from more than 2,500 articles written about the conference and identified relevant journalists by factors such as volume of coverage, influence with online audiences, and article sentiment.

Examining the News Surfacing prominent narratives in the EPA budget conversation

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)'s marketing and communications teams wanted to see how the EPA budget cuts were being covered in the media to study which messages were most engaging to constituents.  

Examining the News Fast lanes and flying cars

Quid searched through more than 2.2 million global articles and blogs to map discussion around the future of transportation from the past year. Below is the entire media landscape, which represents 2,363 unique stories from more than 9,000 results.

Examining the News Did Nike’s Kaepernick bet pay off?

We used Quid software to dig deeper into the overall effects from the campaign.

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