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Why is Wall Street ignoring digital innovation?

Quid Staff


Airlines are no exception when it comes to the challenge of digital innovation. To better understand how major airlines plan to adapt to emerging technologies, Lennart Dobravsky of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub recently used Quid to analyze 60 earning calls from Lufthansa, JetBlue Airways, EasyJet, Air France KLM, and Southwest, held between 2015 and 2018.

As it turns out, companies rarely mentioned digital innovation on these calls, and instead focused on financial analysis. A meager 2% of the total time spent discussed these emerging technology themes, and statements were almost exclusively made by airline executives themselves.

So, what are they asking about? As it turns out, most questions from investors focused on short-term financial metrics rather than longer term strategy. External factors drove much of the discussion during these three years, including changes to fuel prices, currencies, and the weather. When looking for any changes in the volume of discussion around digital innovation over time, Quid found no indication of an upward trend.

Read Lennart Dobravsky’s full analysis, including his take on why conversations around digital innovation need to start happening, on his blog here. If you’d like to learn how Quid can help you get more out of your written data, send us an email at

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