The 3 biggest players in the soda tax debate

Sara Lopez and Adam Gallagher


In the U.S., soda taxes seem to be catching on.

While European countries have been taxing soft drinks and high-fat foods for years, it’s taken America a bit to catch up. Not long after New York City’s soda tax failed in 2013, Berkeley, Calif., passed a one-cent-an-ounce tax on sodas and energy drinks. Philadelphia became the second U.S. city to tax sodas earlier this year.

In Quid, we wanted to see: Who are the biggest players in the soda tax debate? And how might the taxes affect large companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo? We mapped some 1,941 news stories mentioning the terms “soda tax,” “sugar tax” or “soft drink tax.”

  • Coca-Cola was mentioned often in stories that had high social sharing. Many of the most-shared articles were critical of the soda industry, comparing soda companies to Big Tobacco.

To see our full analysis, click here.

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