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What could be the next food and beverage trend?

Quid Staff

In the first installment of our Food and Beverage Trends of 2018, we examined which trends are central to articles focused on what is currently gaining popularity in the food and drink space. This time we look into what might be poised to be the next food trend(s).

The analysis stemmed from the Quid network below of over 10,000 news articles from 2017 on food and beverage trends. The first thing that you notice with a network is what is currently dominant, there are ways to use Quid to identify what could be next before it appears on the radar.

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In the Quid network, we looked at all the articles in the periphery or on the edge of the map that have extremely unique language compared to other pieces in the network. These have the potential to grow into something much bigger and can be spotted earlier. The image below lists some of the articles headlines that we found. We want to note that we only see these topics being mentioned by a handful of sources which makes them less predictable but also allows you to see a potential “next big thing” in the early stages.

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Quid aggregates data from social media platforms, such as shares and likes revealing what consumers are most interested in- this gives you intelligence on which articles, publications, and authors are driving influential content in this space. The scatterplot image below shows a few key examples- Pink gin, Unicorn foods, and non-bake desserts— these could very well be the next hot trends in food.  

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Quid has the ability to identify trend information in any space. If you have any questions, please email us at hi@quid.com.

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