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What is on the minds of parent shoppers this holiday season?

Oliver Bloom

With the holiday season upon us, we wanted to understand what parents were blogging about when it came to shopping for their children? In order to do that, we ran a search through our blog database which uncovered 3800 blogs related to this topic as a whole. 

Four insights that really stood out were:

#1 - The Nintendo brand is 4x more popular with adults than it is with kids this holiday season.

#2 - Parents want to buy toys and gifts for their children that enrich their lives and expand their creativity, rather than buying gifts that just simply entertain or keep their kids busy.

#3 - Parents have a lot of stress during the holidays around relationships, saving money and buying gifts for other adults.

#4 - Saving Money and DIY gifts is an opportunity for powerful campaign messaging to parents.

You can watch the on-demand webinar here to see how we discovered these unique insights. 

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