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The 100 Year Human Revolution


Oxford Talk Teaser #1 - Augmented Humanity

There is something very special is happening right now. Within the coming decades, the applications of computing are going to drastically modify the way we look at the world and the way we communicate. These changes will fundamentally change not only how we think, but also what it means to be human.


The pivotal piece of these changes is language, which also happens to be fundamental to our interpretation of human intellect. We are in the midst of a revolution where we get to decide, what does it really mean to be human?


For example, think back to the year 1987. If you wanted to know something, you would need to have access to a library, be able to find the right book, and then maybe you could find the information you wanted. If it was possible, it could take you hours to learn one snippet of knowledge.


Today, you can learn almost anything within a 6-second recall. Now that we have constant access to multimedia via the Internet and our smart devices, we have the ability to communicate with hundreds of people in just a few seconds. As minds, we are no longer independent identities; we are now a collective identity.


To learn more about the evolving revolution, please watch Quid founder Bob Goodson’s full talk below. He gave this lecture titled ‘Augmented Humanity’ at the University of Oxford in May of 2015.

Oxford Talk - Augmented Humanity - Quid Founder, Bob Goodson

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