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CISCO: Using Quid to inform marketing messaging

Product, Marketing, and Communications executives use Quid's marketing strategy tools to generate ideas, map influence, and analyze public narratives, helping them to visualize and better understand the spread of concepts and emotions through diverse media.

Align your brand with emerging cultural trends, gain augmented creativity.

With Quid you can see all of the beliefs and ideas that exist in a space and identify which brands are central to each idea. The Quid Platform’s trend detection algorithms find fast growing narratives that are not yet owned by anyone – letting you use this knowledge to effectively positioning your brand message.

The Quid platform helps us better understand culture as we craft stories for our clients. It has improved our ability to exercise creativity while building strategy and gaining inspiration.

Dan Buczaczer

Executive Vice President Creative Partnerships, VivaKi

How can I craft my next campaign for maximum resonance?

With a simple keyword search Quid lets you visualize the public narratives associated with a topic, brand or person. Instantly see what the world is saying about an event, how a narrative is unfolding, or the position of a brand within any discussion. Marketers, analysts, and creative agencies are using Quid and its algorithmic capabilities to generate original ideas, and communicate them in new and authentic ways.

Instant Focus Groups.

Quid provides real-time perspective on ideas, sentiment, and cultural memes. Access demographic data to select the media stream that is right for your brand. Zero in on your group of choice, and apply clustering algorithms to extract your customer’s core topics of conversation. Quid helps teams at the worlds’ leading brands understand the voice of their customers, and translate insights into design.

As an executive that creates the stories that define a product, the Quid Platform allows me to see the connections between ideas – and to find the ones that are truly unique.


Director, Cisco Systems

How can I shape the public narrative?

Communications teams, political campaigns, and crisis management firms use Quid to break down complex narratives into drivers, influencers, and component stories. Spot stories that are quickly spreading. Understand the difference in how customer groups talk about issues. Better control your news cycle with augmented intelligence.

Mapping Culture: What it Means to be a Man in 2014

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