Top 10 Quid blogs of 2018

Quid Staff

2018 was an exciting year for the Quid blog, a place on our website where you’ll regularly find in-depth analysis and case studies, examples of our clients using Quid, insightful takes on news stories, write-ups about company milestones, and more.

To look back on the year, we compiled a list of our most popular posts for your enjoyment.

Here are our top 10 blogs from 2018, by traffic:

10.   5 tech hotspots to watch and we don't mean Silicon Valley: A team at Quid wrote an analysis on 5 innovation hotspots outside the U.S. which was published on the World Economic Forum. We found London, Paris, Singapore, Munich, and Tel Aviv to be five innovation hotspots and examined what makes them so attractive to entrepreneurs.

9.  The food trends you should already know: We wanted to understand how people's tastes are evolving and what companies are doing to adapt. We analyzed over 10,000 news articles published over a year span reporting on the food and beverage category.

8.  BCG uses Quid to analyze disruption in tech media telecommunications: Boston Consulting Group (BCG) used Quid to help explain massive disruption, particularly for legacy businesses.

7.  How serious is the big tech backlash?: A communications team at a major technology company came to us wanting to know if there was truly an increasing number of stories discussing a potential backlash or whether it was simply a juicy storyline that might not have much momentum.

6.  What are the latest innovations in financial technology?: The finance industry has been experiencing an explosion of innovation over the past few years, from algorithmic trading, to consumer applications, to cryptocurrencies. We decided to find out what focus areas of fintech have grown and received the most investment, and which companies are leading the public narrative behind innovation in the finance and banking sectors.

5.  Did Nike’s Kaepernick bet pay off?: While Nike generated plenty of controversy and press, the attention also faded within a matter of days. We used Quid software to dig deeper into the overall effects from the campaign.

4.  Mapping the future of artificial intelligence: Quid recently teamed up with CA Technologies to release the new report, “The Era of AI,” which examines how the AI industry ecosystem is changing, what’s fueling the explosive growth seen over the past year. and what factors are shaping future development in the AI space.

3.  The future of digital payments: We wanted to take a closer look at the digital payment startups landscape to answer the following questions: What are the emerging focus areas and players in the digital payment space? What are the opportunity spaces where few players currently exist? And, what investment bets are being made by VCs, finance firms, and the big tech companies?

2.  What could be the next food and beverage trend?: We examined which trends are central to articles focused on popular innovations in the food and drink space. What might be coming next?

1.  How the cloud is changing document management: Businesses are abandoning the filing cabinet in favor of cloud-based document management. As these cloud-based systems become more integrated with day-to-day workflows, they are being widely implemented across broader industrial use cases. What might be the next big ideas in this industry?

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