Top 10 Quid blogs of 2017

Quid Staff

2017 was an exciting year for the Quid blog, a place on our website where you’ll regularly find in-depth analysis and case studies, examples of our clients using Quid, insightful takes on news stories, write-ups about company milestones, and more.

To look back on the year, we culled our most popular posts. But first we wanted to mention a few articles that were published on other media outlets.

Back in February, a Quid team helped Walmart co-publish the American Family Today report- the findings show a transformation in modern family values and significant changes in how families spend their money and time. In early March, Bloomberg published a piece in which Quid looked at companies founded in the last 6 years and their investment history to determine the 50 most promising startups.  If our list had been a venture portfolio, it would have been one of the best-performing funds of the last two decades! Then in December, WEF published our report on the future of air travel where we looked at a years worth of news data to see where aerospace is headed next. Most recently, we worked with Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist James V. Grimaldi and the Wall Street Journal to identify fake FCC comments on net neutrality.

Here are our top 10 blogs from 2017 by traffic:

10. Most innovative companies in diabetes We looked in our proprietary company database of 50,000 startups to see which diabetes companies are receiving the largest VC investments and for what.

9. What’s the next Bitcoin We mapped a year’s worth of news data to determine which cryptocurrencies are on the rise. Back in June when we wrote the article, Bitcoin was priced at $2,700 a unit.

8. BCG uses Quid to analyze disruption in tech, media, telecommunications In their recent report on the tech, media, and telecommunications (TMT) sector, out client, Boston Consulting Group used Quid to help explain massive disruption, particularly for legacy businesses.

7. Cybersecurity trends in 4 charts We took a closer look at the world of cybersecurity to answer questions like: What is the size of the industry? Which areas are companies focusing on? Which startups are attracting the most funding?

6. Blockchain beyond banking Using Quid, we were able to identify several key aspects of the blockchain space — including top investors, IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, and notable under-the-radar startups.

5. Fastest growing areas of machine learning We took a closer look at academic papers about machine learning -- some 5,000 in total from U.S. universities -- to see how the science around this topic is changing.

4. Worlds fastest growing ecommerce companies We took a closer look at the fast-changing e-commerce and online retail spaces, mapping up-and-coming startups gaining traction and big funding. Specifically, we filtered for new companies (those founded in 2014 or more recently) and looked for any notable newcomers besides

3. Early signs of Apple’s next big thing(s) In a three-part analysis, we looked at news data to better understand the rumors around Apple’s secret projects and then compared those findings to Apple activities in acquisitions, investments, and filed patents.

2. The cigarette of our generation One of the most popular AskReddit threads from the last year is dedicated to the question: “What will be the ‘turns out cigarettes are bad for you’ of our generation?”. It has received more than 40,000 comments and many times more votes. We uploaded all of the responses into Quid and was able to classify the responses into multiple themes.

1. How big data can help you pick better wine We mapped more than 3,000 reviews of Bordeaux-style red wines. Quid's algorithms categorized, optimized, and identified linguistic similarities in the reviews, ultimately generating a list of 73 under-the-radar bottles.

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