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Top 10 players in organic food

Jess McCuan
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The grocery industry did a double take after Amazon’s announcement last week that it intends to buy Whole Foods, a move that also has food manufacturers shaking in their boots.


At Quid, we wondered: who else is part of the conversation around organic food? A few of the top players in the news were surprising.

The top 10

A Quid bar chart shows top companies mentioned in 4,887 news stories from June 22, 2016-June 22, 2017.

The first interesting note: Whole Foods has dominated the conversation in the past year, not only because of its sale to Amazon but also because it’s been a rough stretch for the company. The organic grocery chain announced massive layoffs in 2015, then had less-than-stellar performance for much of last year. In Quid, we can see that the company’s various recent strategies have included moving into meal kits, marketing to Millennials, and opening lower-priced stores. (See our in-depth analysis of Whole Foods’ woes here.)


Also interesting: traditional food companies like European yogurt maker Groupe Danone and candy maker Nestle are newly interested in the organic game. Danone’s recent purchase of organic food manufacturer WhiteWave now makes it the world’s biggest producer of organic food. Coffee chain Starbucks has gotten the word about organic food, and its stories in Quid pertain mostly to recent announcements that it will start selling organic soup and other organic items.


Then there’s Walmart, now touted as a possible rival to Amazon in buying Whole Foods. While analysts speculate that buying Whole Foods could give a boost to Walmart’s online retail presence, others say the world’s largest retailer (and its biggest grocer) has nothing to fear over the merger.


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