The Evolution of Holistic Health and Nutrition

Julie Kim and Zen Ahmed

The way we consume food and interact with manufacturers is quickly shifting from blind trust towards wanting to understand where our food came from and how it’s sourced. This is largely due to the increase in visibility into how we get our food. A string of safety concerns around food safety and unethical sourcing has helped changed the landscape. As result of this recent phenomena, the age-old holistic means of interacting with food has reemerged. Over the last few years, holistic health and nutrition is an area that has seen a growth in popularity due to advances in research.

Companies in the consumer food and retail industries are also starting to adapt, as you can see in image above. 2018 saw a spike in accountability in healthy meals as well as increase in “clean label” narratives. Sally Lyons Wyatt, EVP of IRI mentioned that “There’s an increase in consumption of foods that claim to prevent or manage disease states as heart conditions, cancer and diabetes”.

In our analysis, we used Quid to study the evolution that has taken place in holistic health and nutrition over the past few years to see which areas are trending with the media and social community in order to help the industry best serve their communities. If you have any questions- please email us at

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