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Should you bet on these retail innovations?

Quid Staff

The widely predicted adoption of virtual or augmented reality (VR/AR) in the consumer experience may have yet to be fully realized, but all retailers must look to the future in order to stay competitive. You need only look to the demise of market giants like Toys R Us or The Limited to remember what happens when you don’t.

These days, innovation comes in many forms. Experimentation with voice-commerce through smart home assistants Alexa, Google Home, and Siri has been one notable area, as have fully automated stores like Amazon Go. With this in mind, consulting firm Elixrr approached Quid with two questions:

  • Who is really leading the charge in organic innovation?

  • Which technologies are the leaders in retail innovation placing their bets on?

Quid analyzed 5,800 patent filings from retailers and select B2C companies to explore the technologies, regions, and companies that are leading on innovation. Here is a quick overview of where they grouped along different legs of the customer experience journey.

Read the full results from the Elixrr report here. To see how Quid can help answer your strategic questions, drop us a line at

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