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Cybersecurity: a market landscape, in 4 charts

Carlos Folgar


Massive data breaches are now weekly, if not daily, occurrences.

The latest is Yahoo’s scandal, one in a long string of cybersecurity attacks that, in the minds of most Americans, first got serious in November 2013 when retail giant Target was hit by a holiday-season breach that exposed the personal information of some 40 million customers.

Cybersecurity has moved swiftly up the list of priorities for executives in every industry. Corporations, along with venture capitalists, have stepped up their investments in security technology across the entire IT stack.

So Quid took a closer look at the world of cybersecurity. What is the size of the industry? Which areas are companies focusing on? Which startups are attracting the most funding?

In Quid, the Companies dataset is huge, with 1.5 million private and public companies. Their profiles include firmographic details, funding and M&A activity, as well as text data that describes their technologies, products, and services. The software easily found over 2,000 companies founded since 1990 developing and offering cybersecurity technology.

Quid’s algorithm breaks down datasets into multiple levels of granularity; at the highest level, the map looks like this, with 15 focus areas.

Authentication & Biometrics, Enterprise IT Infrastructure, and Threat Intelligence & Cyber Attacks are the three largest regions of the map, each representing about 10% of the network. Network graphs in Quid provide additional insights, such as relations between companies and focus areas, and whitespace analysis.

For example, the lower region, including Telecommunication, Hosting Services and Enterprise IT Infrastructure is extremely dense, indicating strong similarities across these focus areas, such as sharing similar technologies and serving the same kind of customer. In the top area of the network, Authentication & Biometrics and Mobile Device Security-focused companies pulled away due to their differentiating technologies; this opening in the network represents opportunity for new players to enter, and sure enough, it’s mostly the Data Analytics focused companies that bridge the gap between them and the mainland.

In just a few minutes, Quid carved up the cybersecurity industry, visualizing not just funding and exit activity, but also how the companies relate to each other, giving a clearer understanding of the investment strategy of VCs and corporations beyond the numbers.

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