Case Study

Quid helps Walmart build The American Family Today Report

Quid Staff

Families across the country are innovating everyday as they adapt to the generational, macroeconomic, and technological shifts affecting them, all the while navigating the time pressures of daily life. As the US economy nears full employment, time with family is becoming the most precious commodity. This year, Walmart and Quid look at how American families are both driving change and evolving by adapting to the challenges and opportunities of the world around them.

Quid helped Walmart identify key trends and the generational, geographic, and socioeconomic forces at work behind them by analyzing hundreds of thousands of unstructured data sources, including top-tier news outlets, trade journals, lifestyle blogs, along with funding trends for privately funded businesses.

See the full 2018 American Family Today report or take a look back at the 2017 report.

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