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New report leverages artificial intelligence to better understand patient needs

Quid Staff

Socioeconomic factors can have a major impact on a person’s health, however, new research finds that individuals with acute or chronic conditions think of these factors differently than the more mainstream narratives found in academic papers and the media. To better understand existing gaps and explore opportunities to improve support, the Anthem Public Policy Institute partnered with Quid, a research platform that can analyze large volumes of text-based data, to examine thousands of academic papers, news articles, and public posts on online patient forums. This is the first research project to capture patient perspectives on social determinants at this scale and scope.

“While there has been a lot in the media and academic research on social determinants of health, no one has ever compared the focus of that work with the perspectives of individuals who have chronic or acute conditions to determine whether their priorities are aligned,” said Jennifer Kowalski, vice president of the Anthem Public Policy Institute.  “By better understanding how individuals view and talk about social determinants, payers and providers alike can identify new and improved ways to engage with them to more effectively improve their health and wellbeing and the delivery of healthcare.”

Click here to read the press release from the Anthem Public Policy Institute. 

Read the full report.

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