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What do brands need to know about NBA Free Agency?

Quid Staff

Free agency has only just begun, but game changing developments are already underway with potentially major impacts for brands and sponsors. To better understand ongoing debate in the media, Joe Flores, Executive Vice President and Co-Head of Sports and Entertainment at MMWPR used Quid to better understand the impact of NBA free agency on brand sponsorships.

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The 2018-19 NBA season may have concluded a few weeks ago; but there’s no such thing as an offseason when it comes to the league. An unprecedented list of marquee players are contemplating their next moves, including the NBA Finals MVP. A devastating injury to an all-world player on the game’s biggest stage sent shockwaves throughout the league. The best big man in the game has joined LeBron James in LA, while one of the most buzzed about prospects in years was selected by New Orleans to replace the aforementioned big man at the NBA Draft. Ultimately, the league is looking at a seismic shift in its landscape.

The impact free agency has on brands involved in the sport cannot be ignored. League sponsors such as Tissot, Mountain Dew, American Express, New Era and others benefit from the trending conversations. Additionally, team, jersey, arena and player sponsors stand to see dramatic changes to the return on their investments. 

The buzz, rumor mill and debate are at a fever pitch, and we at MWWPR were fascinated by the conversation, so we partnered with our friends at Quid to take a deeper look. 

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