Introducing the new redesigned Quid

Quid Staff

This summer, Quid has a new look.

The way you work in the news and blogs dataset has been redesigned into a four-step process that gets you the big picture on any topic quickly.

The Quid redesign will roll out in a few waves this summer and aims to get you to powerful insights more easily.

The new Quid interface has four phases — Search, Explore, Analyze, Present — where you’ll see new views, features, and information panels that surface key ideas and help you draw conclusions.

As you move through, you’ll have the ability to edit and reorganize results to better suit your needs, and you’ll see an area focused on assembling and editing your saved views to easily share the results of your analysis.

Nothing has been removed — all the features you’ve come to know and love about Quid remain in the software.

This brief video gives you a quick overview of the new features.

We’ve changed the workflow to get you to powerful insights more easily. 

To see more video tutorials and read more about the redesigned Quid, check out our information hub.

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