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How APCO used Quid to understand the French election

Quid staff

To get a better grasp on what's at stake in the French election, global communication firm APCO Worldwide looked at the contest through both traditional news coverage and social media. 

For the first thread of its analysis, APCO used Quid to map all news stories involving the two frontrunners, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, between Nov. 1 last year through March 23. In Quid, APCO's Cody LeBlanc could see that the largest clusters focused on the economic and political fears of key business and political leaders around the world. 

He could also see that Le Pen is featured in headlines four times more frequently than Macron, a similar pattern to Donald Trump's media coverage in last fall's presidential election.

Ultimately, according to LeBlanc, those on the extreme right in French politics win -- no matter who wins the actual election.

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