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A Case for Data Intelligence in Strategy

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A Case for Data Intelligence in Strategy

What do we mean by Data Intelligence? There’s a lot of talk of Big Data. Well, what is Big Data, really? It’s a collection of technologies, it’s natural language processing, it Hadoop clusters, it’s elastic search clusters, it’s graph theory. It’s all kinds of stuff, right? It’s Big Data, it takes big, unstructured datasets, it allows you to do stuff with it. We’ve got better kind of efficiencies, have supply chain, we’ve got better ad re-targeting, etc.

What I’m talking about is something different. It’s data intelligence, something absolutely distinct. Data intelligence is using machines for what they’re good for, and using humans for what they’re good for. Allowing the machine to present massive datasets, but then, getting the smartest people in the world to sit on top of these machines and actually interpret and make sense of that data. When you do this, what you end up with is something which is a lot more aligned to what would traditionally be called trade craft.

Taking signals that are out there in the ether and bringing them together, and then having really smart people look at them, shape them, understand, “What’s the narrative? What’s the strategy that’s happening here?” That’s why we call it data intelligence, to reference Big Data, but to also reference the art of intelligence.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of what data intelligence could do. One is about space travel, and one is about tractors, neither of which I know anything about, but that’s kind of the point.

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