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5 tech hotspots to watch- and we don’t mean Silicon Valley

Shashi Reddy and Sam Waudby

A team at Quid wrote an analysis on 5 innovation hotspots outside the U.S. which was published on the World Economic Forum.

Using Quid, we found London, Paris, Singapore, Munich, and Tel Aviv to be five innovation hotspots and examined what makes them so attractive to entrepreneurs.

To do this we analysed every company that has received funding in the last 10 years across these five hotspots. We then used Quid’s artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to “read” the business descriptions of the companies in order to segment each market by theme and derive further insights into the fastest growing segments, the largest exits and the top investors. We also interviewed Tech Pioneers, members of the World Economic Forum’s global community of trailblazing companies, who are based in these hotspots. They gave us their take on what makes their city amenable to innovation, as well as the challenges and opportunities of running a business there.

You can see the full analysis here

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