Quid has built a reputation for reliability and success with many of the most successful global organizations


“Quid is working on a valuable new approach to answer strategic questions. With so much information in today’s world, the modern analyst needs tools like Quid’s to make sense of complex and fast-changing industries.”

– Dr. Youngcho Chi, Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Samsung Electronics

05 Samsung Map


Quid provided analysis to the world’s largest electronics company on where new mobile technologies and opportunities are emerging.


Various business units across Samsung gained data-based analyses of the mobile technology market, including opportunities for growth.


“Quid provided valuable perspective on what significant new technology trends were emerging in financial services. They made sense of a ton of information quickly, and helped to direct our team to high-priority areas of innovation for the Bank.”

– Jay Reinemann, Executive Director of Strategy and Corporate Development, BBVA

03 BBVA Map


BBVA, the largest Spanish-language commercial bank, launched an innovation scouting and strategy team to help monitor for new financial services technologies and partners. Quid helped that team quickly scan and short-list high priority areas of innovation.


Quid intelligence informed the development of BBVA’s strategy and priority areas to look for new investment and partnership opportunities.

Knight Foundation

“The Quid platform gave us a better understanding of the Civic Tech landscape, allowing us to identify emerging opportunities and strategically allocate capital to advance the field.”

– Mayur Patel, VP Strategy and Assessment, Knight Foundation

Knights Foundation Map


Knight Foundation came to Quid looking for ways to improve how they allocated capital to fund emerging technologies. They wanted to understand the Civic Technology landscape, how it was evolving and what role they were playing within it. They had a complex set of questions that needed answering and required a flexible technology solution to give them insight from the unstructured data.


Quid software was able to map the landscape creating a network projection of all the major players within the Civic Technology. This is an emerging industry attracting nearly $500M in capital over the past 2 years and Knight Foundation was a major player within it. Quid analytics allowed Knight Foundation to see in detail the impact they were having within this space -- allowing them to challenge and refine their investment strategies to better allocate capital to areas of most importance. See the results.


“Data-driven strategic planning is the future; Quid provides it today. Quid data and analytics revealed 1,000 relevant private companies, many of which we were not aware of, and quickly gave us clear direction on where to focus our efforts.”

– Dr. Mircea Mihaescu, Director Technology Research Center

01 Sberbank Map


The largest commercial bank in Russia came to Quid seeking clear recommendations for improving their mobile banking strategy. They chose Quid because we provide the assurance of data-driven analysis to better inform strategic decision makers across Sberbank.


Quid intelligence informed the deployment of Sberbank’s first mobile banking application, the development of a key private company partnership, and the formation of a dedicated strategic initiative team focused on mobile banking.


“Quid was the visualization software used for the Vibrant Data Project, providing us an advantage in understanding the key themes.”

– Dr. Brandon Barnett, Director of Business Innovation, Intel Corporation

04 Intel Map


As part of the Vibrant Data project, Quid partnered with organizations including Intel Labs and Tru North Labs to demonstrate the power of data science techniques such as open data, data visualization and analytics. Vibrant Data Project participants, including co-founder Brandon Barnett, Director of Business Innovation at Intel, look to these methods to understand longer-term growth opportunities in the evolving global technology landscape.


Quid software was used to create visual strategic maps of data from the global network of ideas to emerging technologies and more, to illustrate and understand how these huge, complex global networks are evolving. By partnering in this initiative, Quid is reinforcing our commitment to harnessing data to help key strategic decision-makers make better decisions. For more information visit Vibrant Data Project at www.vibrantdata.org.