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A day in the life at Quid includes hard work, good people and a great company culture. Interested in joining the Quid team? All departments are growing fast and hiring for multiple positions.

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A Culture of Curiosity

We’re building something that’s never been built before. Tackling technical problems on the frontier of intelligence. Creating a platform that collects, organizes and interprets all of the world’s human knowledge. We’re creating cutting-edge algorithms, analytical platforms, scalable infrastructure and high-performance visual frameworks to bring you powerful insights you won’t find anywhere else.

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Stay Focused

We work in small teams with clear goals and responsibilities to execute with efficiency.

Move Quickly

Our fast-paced, iterative environment allows us to quickly execute, validate and improve our process.

Build to Scale

We build systems, teams and processes that scale with growth.

Open. Positive. Respectful. Optimistic.

These principles guide the Quid way of life. We believe in teamwork measured by impact—not seniority—and a culture that promotes learning and teaching.

People of Quid

  • Data Science


    What do you like best about your job?

    I love working on such an interesting and holistic idea with extremely smart colleagues. Love to see the impact of my work improving the product month after month.

    What did you research for your PhD?

    My PhD focus was theoretical particle physics with an emphasis on group theory and Higgs Boson composite models.

  • Operations


    What do you do at Quid?

    I manage and I am responsible for all People Operations here at Quid.

    What's special about the people at Quid?

    They're all independent go-getters with a common purpose.

  • Commercial Team


    What do you do at Quid?

    I'm currently focused on growing the Quid healthcare team and I'm responsible for identifying the overlap between healthcare user needs and Quid capabilities. I love innovating in this space and constantly think about new data sets and features to add for our healthcare users. In addition, I lead many client services projects and continue to build strong relationships with our expanding client base.

    What do you like best about your job?

    I love helping users understand how Quid can map the evolution of human thought - from patient discussions to scientific research to start up ideas - and how that can lead to major business value.

  • Web Team


    What's your favorite coding language and why?

    Haskell, the best functional programming language around.

    How did you end up at Quid?

    A friend, and past Quid intern, introduced me to the company. I later interned at Quid and ended up leaving Georgia Tech to join full time.

  • Backend Team


    What do you do at Quid?

    I am part of the back end team and work on the network generation part of the application.

    Where did you grow up?

    I grew up in Bogota, Colombia. It's probably also one of my favorite cities, at 2600m above sea level, it has cool, San Francisco like weather all year round: One of the reasons I love both places.

      • 10:15
      • In the office

        Arrive at the office, after an email session and cappuccino at a North Beach coffee shop, and start catching up with teammates on projects, status, JIRA, etc. for a few hours.

      • 12:45
      • Work on projects

        Do we need to evaluate some search results based on a new type of query? What would be the best metric? What's the difference with the old one?

      • 14:30
      • Coffee break

        Time for another cappuccino with a coworker, and to get outside of the office for a little walk time. We catch up on the latest news and the projects we're each working on.

      • 20:00
      • Hobby time

        If i'm not helping my brother write his next movie script, I take some time to read. Right now I'm enjoying East of Eden and the Elon Musk biography. Maybe someday I'll make my own way to Mars!

      • 23:00
      • One final check-in

        Before the day ends, I like to prepare my to-do list for the following day. Even if I don't always use it, the simple act of sorting my tasks helps me think through their importance and prioritze.

      • 6:00
      • Wake up

        Wake up early for a morning walk with my dog to refresh my mind and body to prepare for a fun action-packed day.

      • 9:00
      • Catch up with CFO

        Catch up with our CFO to discuss company priorites. At Quid we believe in full transparency.

      • 11:00
      • Onboard new Quidizens

        Walk new hires through the very informative HR Onboarding. They receive an overview of the what, why and how of the Quidizens' way. It is important that we provide all of our new hires with the tools and resources needed to set them up for success for the moment they start.

      • 15:00
      • Meeting with our CEO

        Discuss the monthly employee engagement survey. The CEO and the HR department meet on an on-going keep a pulse on the morale of the team. We value our people very highly here. Their welfare, loyalty and engagement are of paramount importance to us.

      • 18:30
      • ​Enjoy team dinner provided by Quid

        The living room is a good space to socialize and build relationships with coworkers. Many of our employees are staying around to eat and play board and video games. A few of them go off to run together as part of the runners at Quid group. I like to stay behind to socialize and chat with employees that I don’t normally get to work with on a daily basis.

      • 7:30
      • Hop on the BART

        Quick BART ride to the office from the Mission. Just enough time to read a few articles from the New Yorker—a little slice of home.

      • 8:00
      • The demos begin!

        The oohs and aahs from potential clients watching a network generate for the first time never gets old.

      • 13:00
      • Lunch at the high table

        It's a great opportunity to hang out with folks not on my team.

      • 16:00
      • Hit the gong!

        That's the best part of closing a big deal. It lets the team know all their hard work is paying off.

      • 19:00
      • Yoga to the People

        Soak in some amazing SF views during tree pose.

      • 9:30
      • Take the Muni to the office

        I jog through a book by Dostoyevsky or Hemingway to lessen the dullness of the ride.

      • 10:30
      • Daily standup with the web team

        A short time to socialize, recap the previous day and gear up for what's to come.

      • 12:15
      • Lunch

        Walk across the street to the food trucks hidden in an alleyway between two skyscrapers. Head back to the office with my food in hand.

      • 17:30
      • Weightlifting at the gym

        Today's menu: squat, bench and barbell row.

      • 19:00
      • Back to work

        Finish up dinner and head over to my apartment. Crack open my laptop and get back to work.

      • 8:00
      • Walk in the park with my dog

        I stop for coffee along the way and catch up with the latest happenings of the family chat room. Having family scattered across multiple time zones means a lot happens while California sleeps. Thankfully, technology is here to keeps us all close and connected.

      • 9:30
      • Roll into the office

        The ride across the city has left me feeling warm and energized. Once inside, I catch up on email and review some pending pull requests.

      • 11:50
      • Team standup

        We sync up to learn what others are working on and make sure everyone has what they need.

      • 14:30
      • Coffee with our infrastructure guru

        It is very interesting and insightful to hear other engineers' thoughts and ideas over a coffee break.

      • 19:00
      • Bikes@Quid day!

        A fun visit to the headlands, followed by beers and good conversation. This is a great time to learn about what other Quidizens are up to while getting some excercise.


Life at Quid

Quid has a fun and unique culture all its own. Benefits range from daily perks to monthly outings to yearly allowances. See some of the highlights below.

Ready to Join the Team?

Quid is hiring for a variety of positions. If you want to push the boundaries of human intelligence, get in touch.

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Quid Benefits

  • Monthly wellness reimbursement to use towards your gym membership, meditation retreats, or whatever else makes your life easier and healthier

  • Regular happy hours and quarterly team outings include our summer Quidinic, holiday party and poker tournament

  • Company social groups such as: 

    • Bikes @ Quid: morning rides, night trails and sometimes bike-camping
    • Games @ Quid: bi-weekly video and board games club 
    • Climbing @ Quid: regular after work rock climbing crew 
    • Quid Cares: community outreach and volunteerism group 
    • Quid Jams: open mic night for the musically inclined 
    • Quid Runners: annual Ragnar Relay race and training runs
  • Daily catered breakfast, Thursday catered lunch and weekly team dinner

  • Fully-stocked snack and beverage kitchen

  • Bi-weekly Frontiers, an organized yet informal way for Quidizens to share and learn about each other's work, ideas, and inspiration

  • Monthly all hands for company updates and transparent communication

  • Paid admission to technical conferences for education and skills enrichment

  • Regular performance reviews

  • Random Acts of Awesomeness, where we get sweet surprises in the office to show our appreciation and gratitude for hard work

  • Unlimited PTO

  • 90% of premiums for medical, dental, and vision (FSA/HSA plans)

  • Life insurance

  • Pre-tax commuter benefits

  • E-verified and sponsor permanent residency

  • 401k retirement plan managed by Ubiquity


Get to know Quid. Chat with us for about 15 minutes about your project, and we'll create a free guided test drive to help you find solutions.

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