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A day in the life at Quid includes hard work, good people and a great company culture. Interested in joining the Quid team? All departments are growing fast and hiring for multiple positions.

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A Culture of Curiosity

We’re building something that’s never been built before. Tackling technical problems on the frontier of intelligence. Creating a platform that collects, organizes and interprets all of the world’s human knowledge. We’re creating cutting-edge algorithms, analytical platforms, scalable infrastructure and high-performance visual frameworks to bring you powerful insights you won’t find anywhere else.

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Stay Focused

We work in small teams with clear goals and responsibilities to execute with efficiency.

Move Quickly

Our fast-paced, iterative environment allows us to quickly execute, validate and improve our process.

Build to Scale

We build systems, teams and processes that scale with growth.

Open. Positive. Respectful. Optimistic.

These principles guide the Quid way of life. We believe in teamwork measured by impact—not seniority—and a culture that promotes learning and teaching.

People of Quid

  • Client Success


    What do you do at Quid?

    I am a Client Success Manager for our clients in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. My primary role at Quid is to ensure our clients in these regions are getting as much value from the tool as possible.

    What do you like best about your job?

    I am fascinated by the types of questions my clients use Quid to answer, which range from the future of autonomous systems to the impact millennials have on ethical business. I am lucky to get a window into the research topics that are top of mind for some of the most impactful companies in the world. Every day at Quid is a brand new learning experience, which is a very unique experience in anyone’s career.

  • Operations


    What do you do at Quid?

    I manage and I am responsible for all People Operations here at Quid.

    What's special about the people at Quid?

    They're all independent go-getters with a common purpose.

  • Applied Data Scientist


    What do you do at Quid?

    As an Applied Data Scientist at Quid, I deliver custom data science solutions for clients. This may entail tweaking existing Quid algorithms, fully substituting one of them with an alternative model I have developed, or leveraging one of them for a different workflow.

    What do you like best about your job?

    I like challenging myself to think of creative, efficient, and effective ways to provide insights. A big part of my job is to make Quid more flexible, and it’s rewarding when a client can gain significant additional insight from my work. I also enjoy the brainstorming sessions with my client-facing coworkers, whose ingenuity and different perspectives inspire me every day.

  • Web Team


    What's your favorite coding language and why?

    Haskell, the best functional programming language around.

    How did you end up at Quid?

    A friend, and past Quid intern, introduced me to the company. I later interned at Quid and ended up leaving Georgia Tech to join full time.

  • Enterprise Services


    What do you do at Quid?

    On the Enterprise Services team, I use Quid to support our largest accounts such as Walmart, BCG, Intel, and more. This ranges from creating insight reports on reputational risks, onboarding new users to the platform, and brainstorming opportunities for account growth with our sales counterparts. 

    What do you like best about your job?

    We get to work with some of the biggest companies in the world on challenging problems and deliver those insights directly to major stakeholders within our client's organization. It's no joke to say that our analysis is influencing innovation and strategy with the world's largest companies. 

      • 5:30
      • Rise & plan / client meetings

        I manage our European portfolio, so I typically wake up early, answer any outstanding client questions, and reserve time for client meetings (with a coffee in hand, of course) before heading into the office. 

      • 11:00
      • Customer Success meeting

        Our entire team meets weekly to debrief on topics like product launches or upcoming client events. Everyone on the team takes on projects outside of their main role, and it’s awesome to hear their ideas and get visibility into what they’re working on. 

      • 13:00
      • Strategizing internal projects

        One of the great things about being at Quid is the ability to collaborate cross-functionally. On this particular day, I met with a colleague to plan for an exciting new initiative we will be launching later this month.  

      • 15:00
      • Lassi hour - cheers!

        Our lovely colleague (Vishal) on the Product team made mango lassi for everyone at the company. This was a great and tasty break in between meetings. 

      • 17:30
      • Sweat it out (or hang out with friends!)

        My favorite thing to do immediately after work is have a good sweat session, whether it be a kickboxing or HIIT class. Some other days, I will catch up with friends over dinner or drinks. 

      • 6:00
      • Wake up

        Wake up early for a morning walk with my dog to refresh my mind and body to prepare for a fun action-packed day.

      • 9:00
      • Catch up with CFO

        Catch up with our CFO to discuss company priorites. At Quid we believe in full transparency.

      • 11:00
      • Onboard new Quidizens

        Walk new hires through the very informative HR Onboarding. They receive an overview of the what, why and how of the Quidizens' way. It is important that we provide all of our new hires with the tools and resources needed to set them up for success for the moment they start.

      • 15:00
      • Meeting with our CEO

        Discuss the monthly employee engagement survey. The CEO and the HR department meet on an on-going keep a pulse on the morale of the team. We value our people very highly here. Their welfare, loyalty and engagement are of paramount importance to us.

      • 18:30
      • ​Enjoy team dinner provided by Quid

        The living room is a good space to socialize and build relationships with coworkers. Many of our employees are staying around to eat and play board and video games. A few of them go off to run together as part of the runners at Quid group. I like to stay behind to socialize and chat with employees that I don’t normally get to work with on a daily basis.

      • 9:00
      • Hop on the BART

        I start my 20-minute walk to the BART station. My commute is long, but I’m almost always reading a scientific article or a book during this time—even while I walk.

      • 10:30
      • Coffee time

        I get my coffee and start tackling one of the several projects I’m working on.

      • 13:30
      • Meeting with coworkers

        At any time of the day I can have a meeting with coworkers to discuss projects, or I’ll jump on a client call to answer technical questions.

      • 16:00
      • Coffee with coworkers

        Going out and getting coffee is a great way to bond with coworkers and talk shop. I have had amazingly productive work discussions, as well as cherishable moments of friendship, over a latte.

      • 18:00
      • Finishing my day

        I love the flexibility of our work schedule. I enjoy finishing my day in the office in the tranquility of the later hours.

      • 9:30
      • Take the Muni to the office

        I jog through a book by Dostoyevsky or Hemingway to lessen the dullness of the ride.

      • 10:30
      • Daily standup with the web team

        A short time to socialize, recap the previous day and gear up for what's to come.

      • 12:15
      • Lunch

        Walk across the street to the food trucks hidden in an alleyway between two skyscrapers. Head back to the office with my food in hand.

      • 17:30
      • Weightlifting at the gym

        Today's menu: squat, bench and barbell row.

      • 19:00
      • Back to work

        Finish up dinner and head over to my apartment. Crack open my laptop and get back to work.

      • 10:00
      • Quid networks

        Running a Quid network next to Henry, my deskmate. Sometimes I use his desk because he already has it in the standing position.

      • 15:00
      • Snack time

        Later afternoon candy craving. Here I am contemplating whether binging on Skittles is worth it. 

      • 16:00
      • Office walk

        Here I am admiring our beautiful Quid hallway while posing for my new instagram post. 

      • 17:00
      • Hanging out with coworkers

        Meeting with the talent team to check on an applicant. Took this great selfie with Will in the process. 

      • 21:00
      • Hoodslam

        This is Hoodslam, the premiere professional wrestling event in the Bay Area. I am a huge fan of pro wrestling, and you can catch me at these shows all the time (watching, not participating...yet).


Life at Quid

Quid has a fun and unique culture all its own. Benefits range from daily perks to monthly outings to yearly allowances. See some of the highlights below.

Ready to Join the Team?

Quid is hiring for a variety of positions. If you want to push the boundaries of human intelligence, get in touch.

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Quid Benefits

  • Monthly wellness reimbursement to use towards your gym membership, meditation retreats, or whatever else makes your life easier and healthier

  • Regular happy hours and quarterly team outings include our summer Quidinic, holiday party and poker tournament

  • Company social groups such as: 

    • Bikes @ Quid: morning rides, night trails and sometimes bike-camping
    • Games @ Quid: bi-weekly video and board games club 
    • Climbing @ Quid: regular after work rock climbing crew 
    • Quid Cares: community outreach and volunteerism group 
    • Quid Jams: open mic night for the musically inclined 
    • Quid Runners: annual Ragnar Relay race and training runs
  • A daily catered meal from local restaurants curated by Zesty

  • Fully-stocked snack and beverage kitchen

  • Bi-weekly Frontiers, an organized yet informal way for Quidizens to share and learn about each other's work, ideas, and inspiration

  • Monthly all hands for company updates and transparent communication

  • Paid admission to technical conferences for education and skills enrichment

  • Regular performance reviews

  • Random Acts of Awesomeness, where we get sweet surprises in the office to show our appreciation and gratitude for hard work

  • Unlimited PTO

  • 90% of premiums for medical, dental, and vision (FSA/HSA plans)

  • Life insurance

  • Pre-tax commuter benefits

  • E-verified and sponsor permanent residency

  • 401k retirement plan managed by Transamerica Retirement Solutions


D&I Mission Statement

Diversity is in Quid’s DNA. We’re proud that our first 50 hires represented over two dozen nationalities, split evenly between men and women. We are a family of linguists, mathematicians, management consultants, designers, lawyers, technologists, and many other domain experts; a family made up of parents, students, the religious and non-religious, varying sexual orientations, non-binary gender identities and all of the other wonderful individual aspects that make us Quid.

It’s through this range of attitudes and approaches that the foundations Quid is built upon were laid. Diversity is at the core of our innovation: our purpose, brand, technology, and culture all remain the product of our people and the unique and varied perspectives they hold.

We truly believe that cultivating a diverse workforce - which includes a spectrum of backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences - benefits us as a business and enriches us as individuals. We will foster a collaborative environment that values open participation; communicate transparently across the company; establish fair practices in hiring, promotion, and retention; create a culture of inclusivity across decisions made, big and small; all to ensure everyone is empowered to have a voice, feels welcome, and thrives. As we continue to grow, this will become more important than ever.


Get to know Quid. Chat with us for about 15 minutes about your project, and we'll create a free guided test drive to help you find solutions.

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