European “Techlash” is coming, according to new Atomico report

Calls for a Big Tech breakup and greater industry regulation are well underway in the United States, but Atomico’s latest State of European Tech 2019 report indicates that a similar backlash in Europe may be lurking on the horizon. For this year’s analysis, the VC firm expanded its partnership with Quid to explore new facets of the regional tech landscape. In addition to the budding tech backlash, Quid examined the growing visibility of startups in the European media narrative around climate change and sustainability.

Quid also continued last year’s research into diversity and inclusion within the industry. Despite greater attention on the issue, our analysis of more than 450,000 tech-related articles from the past year revealed a dip in the relative share of news coverage.

Read the full Quid analysis and the entire State of European Tech 2019 report here.

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