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Turn text into context

Quid reveals the why behind the what

See connections, trends, and insights that will help you understand the story behind your customers, competitors, markets, and your own brand. Other analytic software can show you what is happening, but only Quid can unlock the context that explains why.

The first and only contextual AI platform

Quid extracts meaning from any kind of written content, including news, product reviews, company investments, and forums. Drag and drop your own content into our web-based platform or access one of our three integrated content sets.

See the full picture across your market and customers

From identifying market opportunities to understanding customer needs, building awareness, and mitigating risk, Quid helps you build an analysis in hours that used to take weeks or months.

Interact with qualitative data visually

Interactive network maps give you a bird’s eye view, enabling you to spot trends and central themes. From there, dive deeper into the areas that interest you most.

Quid is transforming the way decisions are made at the world’s best agencies, brands, and businesses

More than 200 of the world’s most influential organizations use Quid for competitive intelligence, market landscape, brand perception, and trend analysis every day to gain deeper insights.

Get to know Quid. Chat with us for about 15 minutes about your project, and we'll create a free guided test drive to help you find solutions.

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