Quid puts the world’s information at your fingertips. It draws connections between big ideas, giving your brain more power than you ever dreamed possible.

Quid Capabilities

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Deep understanding of audiences and culture

Recognize trends, drive new business pitches and gather insights to inform your strategy.

Used by: advertising and PR agencies, marketing departments, and messaging consultants. 

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Keep pace with ongoing innovation

Understand trends and drivers reshaping industries, guide technology investments and acquisitions, and inform market research.

Used by: corporate strategy and development, innovation groups, tech firms; other rapidly-transforming industries like automotive, chemical, energy and defense

A competitive edge over other firms

Spot emerging innovations, analyze trends and produce powerful visuals that support your insights.

Used by: research groups, think tanks, foundations, lobbyists, consulting firms

Put data to work

Uncover the voice of patients and physicians, gain quick competitive intelligence and see where innovation is happening.

Used by: strategy, marketing, R&D and BD execs in pharma, biotech, device, diagnostics, providers, pharmacy distributors, health tech companies

Intelligence for smarter decisions

Track the regulatory environment, monitor competitors and better understand rapidly transforming consumer preferences.

Used by: global banks across corporate strategy, investment research, marketing teams

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Under the Hood

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Next Level Tech

The Quid platform rests on a robust, cutting edge infrastructure and runs on technology that delivers powerful results.

Data Pipeline

Our data pipeline processes millions of news articles, blog posts and documents such as patents and company data. Quid indexes and categorizes this data, serving up only those items truly relevant to your search. Built on top of a cloud-based infrastructure, Quid® proprietary text processing algorithms reduce noise, improve time to insight and maximize search performance.

Quid can take in text-rich data from any source. There are also datasets available to all users, including:

News Over 550k news and blog sources. Over 1.4M articles come from each stream daily and are indexed every second.

Patents Complete coverage of patents from over 50 patent authorities dating back to the 1960s, in over 50 jurisdictions including the U.S., China, and patents filed through the WIPO and European Patent Office.

Company Firmographic data and language for 50k high-growth companies that have received venture capital funding since 2012, on top of a greater global dataset of over 1.8M companies

Custom Data Any text data set – proprietary or publicly available. Examples of custom data include customer product reviews, scientific papers, surveys, job postings, call records and more. 

Language Extraction

Our proprietary, high performance algorithms find and amplify the small signals that are crucial to identifying actionable insights quickly. These algorithms are optimized for search, ranking and trend analysis. Quid learns dynamically from the documents, using the actual textual content instead of keywords or predetermined topics, thus leading to unbiased signal and more advanced relationship mapping than simple keyword matching.

Implicit network analysis and graph theory find meaningful connections and relationships between people, topics, and documents that conventional search misses. Rich models that run continuously using artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing help find insights across millions of data points.

Network Generation

Leveraging GPUs, Quid has a custom-built high performance visualization engine that displays large volumes of data 10x faster compared to other frameworks. Its visualization framework can handle 20,000 interactive objects with near zero latency.

Quid is browser based, optimized for Chrome and Firefox and uses the latest web technologies (webGL, web workers, etc) to push the limits of what’s possible with in-browser software.

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Get to know Quid. Chat with us for about 15 minutes about your project, and we'll create a free guided test drive to help you find solutions.

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