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The Quid Intelligence Platform:

Gain a better<br />understanding<br />of any subject

Gain a better
of any subject

Explore premium data sets. Zoom in on rich metadata to get a more nuanced view of your world.

Simultaneously <br />explore millions <br />of data points

explore millions
of data points

With business analytic software, discover and process millions of data points to build opinions on investments, trends, and people.

Accelerate <br />your speed <br />to insight

your speed
to insight

Head-to-head comparisons show Quid speeds analysis by 5X to 20X, over traditional methods and business analytics tools.

Access from <br />your browser, <br />no set up required

Access from
your browser,
no set up required

SaaS business intelligence software. Create, save, collaborate, and share. All in one environment.

The Quid Web Intelligence Platform combines search, premium data and high-performance algorithms to create visualizations of markets, trends, and cultural phenomena.

Use Cases

Find opportunities in emerging technologies.

The world’s leading strategists, researchers, investors, and government agencies turn to Quid to understand how technology, R&D and public opinion are transforming their industries.

“With Quid I can upload whole new sets of knowledge into my brain. I can immerse myself in data and see the big picture – instantly.”

– Shivon Zilis, VC, Bloomberg Beta

Understand what the world thinks and feels.

Product, Marketing, and Communications executives use Quid to generate ideas, map influence, and analyze public narratives, helping them to visualize and better understand the spread of concepts and emotions through diverse media.

“As an executive that creates the stories that define a product, the Quid Platform allows me to see the connections between ideas – and to find the ones that are truly unique.”

– Amy Peraza, Director, Cisco Systems

Faster, deeper strategic insights.

The world’s leading strategic advisory firms are turning to Quid to power their insights. The Quid Intelligence Platform delivers insight 4X faster, 10X broader, and 5X deeper than traditional processes, providing transformational client impact.

“Quid is applicable for all strategy advisors. From landscape research to monitoring brand sentiment, no other technology brings together the right big datasets, and then lets you explore them interactively.”

– Dr. David Dean, Former Global Head of Technology, Media & Telecommunications Practice, The Boston Consulting Group


Understand the structures that shape the market.

Quid gives investors access to custom algorithms and streaming data to explore the underlying forces that are shaping markets. Humans and machines connected together to give you a web intelligence advantage.

I’ve always been a thesis-driven investor. Quid lets me develop more complete theses, and track their evolution in a dynamic way, revealing implicit connections between market phenomena.”

– Mike Harden, Partner, Artis Capital

Business intelligence software currently deployed with the world’s biggest and most creative companies, hedge funds, and government agencies.
Quid: Your Intelligence, Amplified.


"I am convinced that tools like Quid will be the future of research for my industry."

Driss Lamrani, Global Macro and Relative Value Investment Strategist, GLG

"The Quid platform gave us a better understanding of the Civic Tech landscape, allowing us to identify emerging opportunities, and strategically allocate capital to advance the field."

Mayur Patel, VP Strategy and AssessmentMayur Patel, VP Strategy and Assessment, Knight Foundation

"Quid provided valuable perspective on significant new technology trends that were emerging in financial services. They made sense of a ton of information quickly and helped to direct our team to high-priority areas of innovation for the Bank."

Jay Reinemann, Executive Director of Strategy and Corporate Development, BBVA

"Quid allows me to understand financial trends and microeconomics in higher resolution and faster than is possible in any other way."

Thorsten Claus, Principal, Next World Capital

UCL’s new Management Science BSc/MSci is developing a new generation of data native managers who can operate in complex, innovation-intensive, data-driven environments. We chose to integrate Quid into the program because they are fundamentally transforming how companies answer their most important questions and are leading the revolution in data-enabled decision-making.

Stephen Todd, Programme Director, Management Science BSc/MSci UCL Management Science & Innovation, UCL

"Our job is to understand and shape culture and narrative. The Quid platform allows me to craft the best stories for the world’s leading brands. With Quid, marketers can see further and be more creative."

Dan Buczaczer, EVP Creative Partnerships, Vivaki

“Hyundai Motor Group's automotive vision, is to be a 'trusted lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond.' We are expanding our perspective of the car from simply a reliable means of transportation to a space that connects people to their families and communities and to places of business and leisure. When I need to understand the strategic investment opportunities related to HMG's automotive business, I turn to Quid.”

John Suh, Managing Director, Hyundai

"Quid is applicable for all strategy advisors. From landscape research to monitoring brand sentiment, no other technology brings together the right big datasets, and then lets you explore them interactively."

Dr. David Dean, Former Global Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications Practice, The Boston Consulting Group

"Quid is working on a valuable new approach to answer strategic questions. With so much information in today's world, the modern analyst needs tools like Quid to make sense of complex and fast-changing industries."

Dr. Youngcho Chi, Executive Vice President, Samsung Electronics

"We were one of Quid’s first clients and choose to continue work with them. They provide a completely unique solution for understanding technology trends and the big picture."

Beti Cung, Corporate Strategy, Microsoft

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